1. What is the process to get new service
    • Call the office to set up your account first and we will set up the drop from our pole to your house. Once the drop is done, we will install the modem (we also refer to this as an ONT) and then billing will be set up.
  2. How do we transfer service to a new owner/tenant at my property? 
    • If you are moving, please contact our office to initiate a transfer of service from you to the landlord, new tenant or new owner of the property. Both parties will need to contact us to complete this step. If you are not moving but would like to disconnect service all together, you will need to return your equipment to the office prior to a disconnect being processed.
  3. What devices are put on our house or inside our house?
    • We put a gray box called a “NID” (Network Interface Device) on the outside of your house and a modem (ONT) inside.  
  4. What is OEConnect’s privacy policy?
  5. What do I do if my modem light turns red or turns off?
    • Unplug from outlet for 5 minutes then plug back in. If service does not come back on, call our support number.  
  6. What are the rates for service?
  7. What are the rates for phone service? 
  8. Can I keep my telephone number if I take you phone service? 
  9. Is there a seasonal rate?
    • Yes, accounts can go seasonal for up to 4 months, at a rate of $20 monthly.
  10. Can I upgrade my service?
    • Simply call the office and let one of our Customer Service Representatives know which package you would like to switch to and we can make that change for you directly from the office.
  11. What is Command IQ?
    • Command IQ is an App for your cell phone which helps you monitor and change services such as: Network Control such as changing your internet network name and password; Basic Parental Controls: manually enable/disable internet access for devices and users; Guest Networks: got company coming? Set up a network to give them easy access while protecting your main network; Speed Test: See how fast your network is running with a simple tap.
  12. What is Experience IQ?
    • ExperienceIQ allows you to organize the various devices used by family members into groups called “profiles.” ExperienceIQ provides subscribers with a set of easy-to-use tools to protect family members, especially children, from inappropriate and potentially harmful online content. The app supports filtering based on 15 predefined categories. These categories cover the most common types of content parents typically want to restrict:  violence; pornography and nudity; gambling; alcohol and drugs; illegal and criminal activity; peer-to-peer file sharing; web advertisements and spam; online games; social networks; online shopping; online video and audio; comics and animations; cloud storage and file downloads; internet portals; and organizations. In addition, ExperienceIQ includes a comprehensive list of applications that can be either blocked or allowed for each profile.
  13. What is ProtectIQ?
    • ProtectIQ ensures that subscribers are protected from malicious threats at the network level based on a large database of known virus and ransomware threats.
  14. Do you have Parental Controls?
    • Yes, we do! Users who download our Command IQ app will have the ability to utilize parental controls to help control your network and the devices connected to it.  Users can also log into the modem or ONT to make adjustments.
  15. Do you have an Extender and how much is it?
    • We have superior extenders available. If you would like one, please call the office. We will get it ready for you to pick up in the office and then you just plug it in. Extenders are $5 monthly (per extender).
  16. Do you have battery backup for the modem? 
    • Yes, we offer a 24-hour Battery that is designed to keep your phone line on. Our installed price is $216.  
  17. What number do I call if I need service?
    • If a problem occurs, please call our office during weekdays at 607-293-6622 or call our 24-hour tech support line at 833-244-8764.
  18. What is the Service Drop process for underground
  19. Can I have my drop installed aerially
    • Yes, you can! Typically, we follow the path of electric with our fiber. If your electric is aerial, we will usually follow that same line. If you have underground electric, but still prefer to have your fiber run aerially, we can do that as well.
  20. Will UDig NY locate my septic, water, electrical to outbuildings, dog fence, etc? 
    • UDIG NY will only mark underground utilities, not customer-owned electrical, phone, water or septic.  
  21. Why is my speed test showing slow speeds?
    • Tracking down a slow speed issue can be tricky, but generally falls into a few general issues. First, having an understanding of how Wi-Fi works. Our ONT (modem) can provide managed Wi-Fi services to your home. Wi-Fi is considered "dual band" meaning there are two distinct frequencies used, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. The 2.4Ghz band has the ability to penetrate walls and obstacles better than 5Ghz, but delivers data at slower speeds (theoretically 450 to 600 MBS megabits per second but realistically in the 40 to 60 MBS range). The 5Ghz band can send data at up to 1300MBS but over a shorter distance. Your Wi-Fi speed can also be affected by the signal strength or distance away from the Wi-Fi source (ONT/modem), the weaker the signal, the slower the speed. Lastly, and the most common cause is older devices or new devices that have inferior components. A customer recently reported that they could not get better than 40 MBS on their new laptop. The laptop was purchased on sale from Walmart and cost $100. We installed an external USB dual band Wi-Fi adapter and showed the customer that the laptop simply had a poor-quality Wi-Fi adapter built in. Using poor quality ethernet cables can also cause gaming consoles to under-perform. To get the full speed on a 1 GBS plan, your device needs to be directly connected to the main modem (hardwired). Very few devices can access a full 1 GBS connection via Wi-Fi.
  22. Can I use my own router?
    • You can; however, it limits our ability to help you troubleshoot if there is a problem.  We recommend using our managed Wi-Fi.