Managed Wi-Fi

Did you know OEConnect offers two affordable hassle-free wireless options to fit your increasing Wi-Fi needs?  Your home Wi-Fi network is an important part of everyday life so, when you have problems connecting to your network from your laptop, smart phone or other device, you notice an impact on your life; whether you’re trying to download emails from work, booking a vacation, or streaming your favorite movie. We realize that your wireless connectivity expectations are higher than ever before. But when you are constantly having trouble connecting or you’re experiencing very slow performance, there’s a good chance there are other problems that you can address. One of these problems could be an older outdated router. Our routers are state-of-the-art devices that allow you very fast internet speeds and it helps us troubleshoot any problems you might have with the service in your household.  The other option is OEConnect’s WiFi Mesh Extender.

Here are some advantages to OEConnect’s Managed Wi-Fi and OEConnect’s WiFi Mesh Extender program:

  • We set it up
  • We keep the devices up-to-date automatically
  • We can troubleshoot connectivity issues remotely
  • We eliminate wires and clutter
  • The router integrates with our OEConnect WiFi Mesh Extenders which can be placed in different rooms to boost signal even more.
  • If you get locked out, we can reset your passwords remotely

If you try using a router that is even just a few years old, it is out of date and that means you will not get the most out of your new wireless devices, which are designed to work best when using the latest Wi-Fi technology. It also means you are not getting full value from your OEConnect Internet service because your old router is preventing you from getting the speed and performance you are paying for.  So, why are our new Wi-Fi routers and Mesh Extenders so much better? They are based on the newest technology (the 802.11ac standard) that offers major performance improvements over the older technology.  You will immediately notice this when you’re online. It will also help to have all of your personal devices using the newest 802.11ac standard.  We have seen devices connecting with the older Wi-Fi standards (802.11B/G/N) and they operate much slower than the new ones.

OEConnect’s Managed Wi-Fi is much cheaper than the latest consumer-grade Wi-Fi systems. Many of these systems, especially those using mesh Wi-Fi technology, can cost upwards of $500 dollars for a similar grade device.

OEConnect, can offer you our hassle-free OEConnect Managed Wi-Fi service for just $2 a month and our OEConnect Wi-Fi Mesh Extender for $5 per month, an affordable way to get the best possible Wi-Fi performance and you can leave router technical hassles behind!